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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sincerely, Barack Obama

How touching was this exchange?
This letter was sent by a young girl with two dad's, who's obviously been bullied for that.

I think we should always keep in mind that every one of us are different and we should all learn to respect that. I mean would the world really be that fun if there was 7billion of you? (the answer is no)


 I guess tonight was pretty magical. 
I mean im not the biggest fan of fireworks but there's something about it, the sparkle..makes it feel like magic!
(or maybe its just my fetish for shiny things)

One of my highlights of the night was having seen a pink heart shaped firework. But although i was surrounded  by good friends, the person i really wished i could have shared that moment with was you.
i love you

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Life lesson : #adrmoreismore

Lesson learnt, 
i can never have too many shoes! Thank you Anna ;)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Always Space For Dessert! (Raspberry Soufflé)

Dessert HAS to be my favorite bit of a meal. 
This explains my 2nd attempt at a soufflé.
When they said it was hard to get a soufflé right they really weren't kidding!
After some inspiration from Gordon Ramsay on the Fword, i decided to attempt his seemingly easy raspberry soufflé! ..well, i was fooled of course. Nevertheless after about 2 grueling hours of prep, my soufflés got popped into the oven and i watched them rise!..and fall :(

Im not sure what makes this souffle fail and im still determined to perfect one. Taste-wise, they were pretty good and would definitely love to see someone else have a go at it as well.

So for all you curious (and hungry) people out there, here's the recipe I used from La Petite Vancouver.  I hope you have better luck than i did!