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Monday, 22 October 2012

Always Space For Dessert! (Raspberry Soufflé)

Dessert HAS to be my favorite bit of a meal. 
This explains my 2nd attempt at a soufflé.
When they said it was hard to get a soufflé right they really weren't kidding!
After some inspiration from Gordon Ramsay on the Fword, i decided to attempt his seemingly easy raspberry soufflé! ..well, i was fooled of course. Nevertheless after about 2 grueling hours of prep, my soufflés got popped into the oven and i watched them rise!..and fall :(

Im not sure what makes this souffle fail and im still determined to perfect one. Taste-wise, they were pretty good and would definitely love to see someone else have a go at it as well.

So for all you curious (and hungry) people out there, here's the recipe I used from La Petite Vancouver.  I hope you have better luck than i did!

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