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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Let (her) Bake 365

 Not only is this person an amazing friend, but also an amazing cook :)
She has constantly been an inspiration to me throughout our years of friendship in the kitchen AND out!
Im one of the many fans of her food blog Letsbake365where her culinary adventures are seen ranging from baking to cooking. She also includes recipes and even a few step-by-step videos! (which are hilarious!) 
So for those lucky people residing in Malaysia, you now have the opportunity to actually TASTE her food through her brand new online bakery, Trésor. (while people like me can only salivate from afar *sigh* ) So don't miss out and order your goodies today! 
I can only hope for international shipping soon. *hint* ;)

dedicated to, Sherlyn Fung ShumShum :)

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